There was a Chef who always had the curiosity to discover new cuisines and unique recipes. After knowing that he had Lebanese ancestry, he decided to go on a journey to the Middle-East; the heart of the Mediterranean, where he came across an old farmer and wife who knew his grandparents. The old couple introduced him to the bold and true flavors of the Lebanese Cuisine. Shawarma meat on vertical skewer was one of his favorite dishes. He became hooked on ever since. When he returned back home, he wanted to share his heritage with his entourage. His friends gave him the nickname of "Shawarmaniac" as he became maniac of Shawarma. He then started mastering the recipes and as a tribute to his heritage he decided to open his own restaurant revealing an authentic representation of Lebanese Cuisine. He named his restaurant "Shawarmaniac" alluding to the nickname his friends gave him back in the days when he first started his addiction.
Shawarmaniac is a family owned Mediterranean-Lebanese Halal restaurant. WE SELL NO PROCESSED GYRO MEAT!!!